Off-amazon Traffic: How To Drive External Traffic To Your Amazon Store
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Amazon is taking over the online e-commerce industry, more than half of all product research. this is what make Amazon number one online selling platform. No doubt, Amazon is getting bigger and expanding day by day. The expansion of the Amazon also increases the competition for sellers too; they are exploring alternate ways to generate more sales and win the competition. Driving external traffic to the Amazon Store is the decisive factor in scaling up sales. 

Why do we need external Traffic for our Amazon Store

There are various reasons for driving external traffic to your Amazon Store: 

Amazon is the first point of call for millions of shoppers, worldwide. So why rely on organic Amazon traffic?

There are several reasons why driving external traffic is a must for Amazon stores:

Getting Ahead of Your competitors 

In the growing competition, optimizing store front is the first point of call for all sellers, this is what all sellers are doing. What you need to do getting ahead of what all doing. It is driving external traffic. 

To get organic sales, you need to get your product see first by the potential customers on Amazon as well as other mediums (social media, blogs, etc). through this strategy, you will surpass your competitor’s sponsored ads and get the sales. 

Channelizing for recognition of Your Brand

Brand recognition is the alternate strategy to survive and thrive on Amazon. This is presumes as something that differentiates them from all the semi-professional or non-professional sellers. The issue is, Amazon does not give you so much leverage to do so, and they actually need to bring forth their brands to their customers. 

 Amazon has stringent listing policies, you have to play smart with the policies and promote your brand outside Amazon. Try to make create, unique voice for your brand and come out with something that people remember. 

Building brand is the most advisable step because Amazon has making things tougher day by day and try to get out all shady grey-hat sellers. So, brand website and recognition on other platforms help you secure your presence in the world’s leading platform in the future. Learn about Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Brand Registry in 2020

Build a customer’s email address list

Email marketing is the profitable medium of engaging your customer a long way. It is low-cost strategy to promote your brand particularly in comparison with Amazon PPC, Facebook Ads, etc. Learn about Fundamentals of Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC)


Amazon is strict in terms of collecting personal details of your customers. You need to be extra smart and use alternate ways to holding your customers for too long. And, if you see the Amazon’s policy, it has strictly forbid to send email to the customers. 

This is the exactly white-hat method of communicating with the customers. What if you get email off the customer before they get to Amazon; this is fair play. This is all about creating right sales funnel and driving external traffic through building an email list and use them for brand. You know!

Most of your competitor will not do it. 

Plan B for Your Business

You cannot deny the might of Amazon, its top-class selling services, state-of-the-art shipping and fulfillment centers. This is all what make Amazon number one online e-commerce store. 

To ensure quality, Amazon keeps cracking down on ToS infringements, no matter how big your brand is. 

Many sellers are selling as private label brands, which are tough for third-party sellers to compete against. Keep in mind the possibility of suspension or removed from the platform. You should always have alternatives rather just relaying on Amazon. 

 If your sales on Amazon disappear suddenly and you find no place to sustain your business, you should learn how to drive you own traffic outside Amazon. Creating brand website, shoplift store that will help you reduce your loss in case you have suspended. Obviously, it will not cover the loss of Amazon sales but it will compensate to great extent. 

How Can You Drive Traffic Effectively?

Driving traffic for your store is not a child’s play. You need to layout strategy that enables you to create sales funnel to bring traffic from alternate channels. It’s worth-learning, so invest you time and money. 

There is no hard and fast rule, you can devise strategy what suits your brand. 

Here are some main tips while driving external traffic to your Amazon Store. 

Choose the Right Traffic Source

Amazon is the world’s largest E-commerce store, but it does not while online E-commerce world. You can find many other platforms to grab the customer for your store. 

Amongst them, Facebook is the most popular traffic sources due to its massive audience base and the advance marketing tools, facilitating the advertisers. Though, many tools are paid but you can still do lot of marketing stuff without paying any penny. 

An email list, as discussed earlier, is another cost-effective marketing channel. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, engaging influencers, Google AdWords are some other options and list goes on. 

It takes time to figure out which source is profitable for you. You can use either one or combination of any of these. 

Be cautious: 

External traffic sources are profitable only if you know how to use them effectively. What most the sellers do is to drive traffic directly to the Amazon. 

Whether it’s Facebook ads, Google ads or Influencer marketing, most people make a big mistake when driving external traffic. They send the traffic straight to Amazon.

Why is this bad?

You shouldn’t forget that the customer on Amazon stays there for one reason: to buy something. This is the reason most of the traffic on Amazon converts into sales in comparison with other internet traffic. 

Landing your potential customer directly on your Amazon store, will likely convert into sales, which affect your sales velocity, and reviews. All these are major chunk of Amazon algorithm to rank your product. 

What is the right strategy?

Drive traffic to a landing page where you can collect email addresses, Facebook pixel data, and market to your customer before reaching out Amazon.  

Creating a Sales Funnel For Success

Sales funnel is the most critical part of driving external traffic. Your success mainly depends on the quality of sales funnel you create.  

Basically, there are the three main steps involved – external traffic source, Landing cube, and Amazon. 

External traffic channel:

You will grab the customer through your posts on traffic channel whether Facebook or any other. When they click on the link you provided, you have to bring them to landing page. 

Landing Cube:

Here you can use this step as an opportunity for you to capture customer’s email address, or other information that help you in future promotions, etc. you can make your customer bringing on the landing page through offering some incentives – you may already offering on Amazon. 

Amazon Store:

Through landing cube, customer finally lands on your Amazon store with high intents of making a purchase. 

Placing quality sales funnel for your external marketing will help you increase your conversion rate, reviews, and sales velocity. So, the sales funnel is the catalyst between customer and your brand to engage them time and again, and stick longer. 

Summing up:

Off-Amazon traffic is the complement to the organic sales. Many sellers consider this as an alternative to generate more sales. It is a way to step ahead from your competitors and devising Plan B for your business.

If you have decided to use off-Amazon traffic, does it right way to minimize the cost and avoid fire backing the strategy? Use the three step process – external traffic channel, landing cube, & Amazon – to generate customer data bank, increase conversion rate, sales velocity and review count. 

Let’s drive your off-Amazon traffic for your Amazon Store, Contact us.

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