How to SEO Your FBA PL Business?
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Amazon sells more than a million products every day worldwide. It’s a minimum quantity compared to Amazon’s 12 million categories of products, with millions of products in each category. So how can you secure a place in this large market, where millions of sellers have their products listed.

To get a head start and to beat all of your competitors, you need to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how you can use it to crack Amazon’s A9 algorithm. The moment you implement these strategies to your FBA PL Business, you will run out of stock in no time.

So without wasting any time, let’s get into the secrets of SEO.

Mechanics of Amazon Search

Much like Google, Amazon is utilizing analytics to identify the search results, which involves several variables. The hidden search engine is A9. The algorithm uses various criteria to measure the importance of millions of the items contained in its database utilizing the users’ search queries. Before we get into the details of SEO, we need to understand

How Does A9 Work?

A9 shows the findings displayed in the search window, depending on questions or phrases or primary keywords. The conclusions given are influenced by previous sales, desire for shopping and a variety of other variables.
The algorithm determines what goods are accessible to prospective customers and how higher the rating of such items is dependent on factors such as:

  • The relevance of check queries or keywords
  • Previous expectations and actions of consumers
  • The number of prior sales for a specific product

There are a variety of reasons, including those above. Because A9 is the highest secret business of the Us, its capabilities cannot be identified correctly. But, knowing little is better than knowing nothing.


SEO Techniques: How to Improve Product Rankings on Amazon?

Product Title


First expression is the Last expression,” keeping this in mind, and you need to design your Title. Your title should be unique and not an embodiment of an existing title.

A product description is just 100 characters in the Amazon search. This doesn’t say you should apply many keywords to it. Intend to be appealing, simple, and still streamlined. Using more than three keywords can misbalance the SEO of your product.

What Not To Do

There are few things that you should never do while writing a title, these are:

  • Keep the title concise and appealing
  • Always use keywords
  • Don’t copy other people titles as it can ruin your brand’s reputation
  • Use no more than 2-3 keywords in the title
  • Your title should be related to your product description


Product Description

A product description is a crucial element in increasing product exposure and rating. Be sure that any necessary material is attached to the description and put the name of the company first.

The product description should contain the following according to Amazon:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Color

If you look at any top product, they will have these five elements listed if you don’t know about any of the information, instead of leaving it right N-A.

One of the most significant rating criteria for Amazon is an integrated product description. Another way to enhance the description of the product to the whole new level is,

A+ Content: A Hidden Gem

Amazon A+ Content allows brand owners to advance explanations of product characteristics: include comprehensive details, maps, photos, high-quality pictures, design (e.g., company stories). A + Content is structured to improve flow, the turnaround process, and revenue for retailers and vendors.

To access is this not so secret but pretty uncommon setting, your brand must be first registered on Amazon brand’s register. Once done, you can follow the following steps to create an ultimate description page using Amazon build-in tool:

  • Login into to
  • Once logged in in the advertising page you will see a new option named A+ content manager
  • Select that, and then you have the option to A+ your already uploaded items or create new A+ content. You can choose any;
  • Once you have decided, add in the required information, this includes your brand logo, product picture, and description.
  • Once done, click on submit approval if you want it to go live immediately, if not select save as a draft to use it later.

A+ Content presents your product like one of its kind, and the description looks persuasive in the right way. Content brings traffic to your product, and if you properly pair it with SEO, no one can take you down.

Amazon is like every other search engine, and it is always important to optimize keywords. You would never be able to go far if you have never really learned about keyword analysis or keyword optimization for the product.


Keyword Research For Product Keywords

Pick the most suitable keywords for the product(s) you market. An ideal way to do that is by pointing at the category’s top-selling items. Extract and evaluate their keywords. But, don’t use the exact keywords they are using instead, try to rephrase them.

Select the best 4 or 5 most rated items with the lowest price ratings. Check the list and check for the keywords that suit your company. Sure, it requires patience and consideration. It takes time. So use this Free Amazon Keyword Analysis resource to save your resources and time.

Looking at the broader landscape, practicing Amazon SEO will boost your game and carry traffic to your page. It typically means refining the keywords you are searching for.

  • Measure the trafficability with the collection of keywords. To determine the total scale of the future retail sector, evaluate the prevalence of such keywords.
  • Write material that rotates smoothly around these keywords. By inserting keywords, you will instantly link and contact future customers.
  • You will get an understanding of your expectations and how you should fulfill such criteria by analyzing the keywords your consumers use


Product Price

Once you determine the “value” for your product, ensure that all similar goods are tested in competition. More significant differences in rates can never benefit. Often seek to equal or exceed the price of the contest.

Always start with catching smaller fishes, and as you get experience and positive rating, you can aim for bigger fishes by increasing your product value over time.

If your prices are too competitive, you can differentiate yourself by giving freebies to your customers. It can be anything, from how to cook a pasta recipe book with a pasta cooling stand or a free makeup sponge with some eye shadow.

Whatever your product is, you can provide a relatable freebie, sure it looks like you are losing money on paper, but practically you are making money.

You can ask your suppliers to send you some freebies as well; many suppliers allow that it will boost your sales drastically.

Learn more about 10 Useful Strategies To Lower Your Amazon Advertising Cost Of Sale (Acos)

Product Picture

Berenice Abbott once said, “Photography helps people to see.” With this, he is referring to the fact that a picture helps to see the world through the lens that can’t show us our eyes. This is also true with photos you use on amazon.

Pictures don’t affect the SEO of your FBA PL business, but it does ensure more clicks and more user interference. You need to add high-resolution images as users are allowed to zoom in to pictures. A blurred vision when zooming in can be fatal for advertisement.

Product pictures hold a great value and can be the selling point of your product; you can even add videos which can ensure more customer trust and higher customer satisfaction.

Use Bullet Points

Bullets play a vital role in comprehending the data to the search engine. Bullet points have the following benefits:

  • It is easier to read and understand
  • They comprehend large information
  • It draws attention to important information
  • It communicates information more efficiently
  • It lets you use keywords more effectively

How to Use Bullet Points

Following are some tips to use bullet points more effectively:

  • Keep the bullet short; every item in the list should only be brief but no more than two lines.
  • When creating bulleted lists, use a parallel form. Using the same element, for example, use the same part of speech
  • Consider the bullet points at the same length
  • Use a precise heading for category objects.
  • For every bullet point, use the same font and margin distance.
  • Use the same tone for every bullet.

Final Tip

Always be creative with your work, invent new ways to attract customers other than using SEO techniques. SEO techniques are great and are very useful, thinking your advertisement methods can give it that extra touch that will skyrocket your sales.

By just sending a thank you card can elevate the feeling of buying a new product. Amazon provides a playground in which you can experiment and learn what works and what does not.

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