How To Create Amazon A+ Content From Scratch
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Amazon A+ Content is a feature, offers to change the product description with a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. A+ Content can improve conversion rates, increase traffic, and sales. 

Why is A+ Content important?

  • It helps sellers to create a unique brand story comprising of optimized images and text placements.
  • Adding graphic visuals to the listing
  • Adding video


Eligibility Criteria

This feature is available to the Professional sellers who have registered their under Amazon Brand Registry Program along with specific selling programs such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives. After you get approval, you can add A+ Content to the products.

How to create A+ Content in seller central?

  • Choose A+ Content from the Advertising menu on the Seller Central Interface. Learn about 10 Useful Strategies To Lower Your Amazon Advertising Cost Of Sale (Acos)
  • Create A+ Content and choose the type of Content you want to create. You can add Enhanced Product Description. It includes product features and product images in the main product detail page.
  • You can name your product and select your desired modules or create custom modules on the prompt screen.
  • Fill the text and image spaces. Mind that you should add image keywords while uploading images. Such keywords must consist of a simple sentence that describes the image.
  • Add ASINs in the ASIN management section. Amazon allows professional sellers to select ASINs that you want to apply to the Content. Through bulk upload feature, you can upload a spreadsheet of ASINs whom you wish to apply A+ Content.
  • As Amazon allows copy the Content to the other Amazon Marketplaces, you need to create a language variation draft for other languages. In this way, Content of your desired ASINs are copied, and you can translate to different language later on.
  • Click Review & Submit. You should check applied ASINs and final draft of Content. you need to Click Submit for approval to process your Content for validation and approval.

Is it different between Enhanced Brand Content(EBC) and A+ Content?

There is much confusion between these A+ Content and Enhanced Based Content (EBC). Both terms are often used interchangeably.

The reason:

Until July 2019, Amazon offered A+ Content to vendors and EBC to marketplace sellers. A+ Content for vendors was stuffed with a lot of fancy tools to add comparison tables, multiple product images, rollover buttons, and alike. The pricing was costly. EBC program offered basic features to add additional information to their descriptions and some other product images. It was free but with basic listing optimizing stuff.

After that, Amazon decided to merge both systems. Amazon also allows all brand owners – either sellers or vendors – with the same set of tools and features under “A+ content Manager” to create an enhanced listing with no cost.

What does A+ Content do to your listings?

This program has extended features to add enough information that probably answers your customer’s questions. You can add video, comparison charts, images along with sidebars, slight text overlay, etc. This information may support customers to make purchase decisions quickly and reduce the chances of product returns.


Where would the product description place if you add A+ Content on the listing?

Remember, A+ Content will override your current product description. You should ensure to include all relevant information in the A+ Content, including all information in the plain-text product description.


How much data can you add in the templates?

Amazon has embedded built-in templates to make it easier for the sellers to optimize their listing through A+ Content. These templates allow certain limits to adding words and image sizes; you can add images and text as per your desirability.

We suggest adding both images and text to produce quality content.


How many submissions can I have at once?

You can add multiple A+ content requests to apply to various ASINs. However, Amazon will not entertain more than 20 pending submissions at once.


Should I edit the parent ASIN and/or child ASIN?

The system allows the seller to apply A+ Content to parents and/or child ASINs. Use the ASIN management section to apply A+ Content to child ASINs within the ASIN family or across the ASIN family.


What is the image size recommended for uploading images?

Be cautious: product images shouldn’t smaller in size. If you can add large images, it will adjust the image following the template requirements.


How much it takes to get my Content approved?

Amazon will approve your submissions within seven business days of submission. During this time, the submissions will be shown as “In review” in your A+ content dashboard. After getting approved, the Content starts displaying on the detail page within 24 hours.


Can I copy Content from one ASIN to another?

Amazon is so generous to allow sellers to copy the Content once it is approved and apply to other ASINs. The Content will be published on the applied ASINs. The same may be duplicated through edits, and apply to the new A+ to other ASINs.


Will I allow working with more than one brand in the A+ Content Manager?

Yes. If you have owned multiple brands listed in the Brand Registry, you only need to have all those brands within the A= Content Manager. Learn about Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Brand Registry in 2020


Does A+ Content also optimize for mobile users?

With the increasing use of mobile and tablets, Amazon designed the A+ content Program, the best fit with all screen sizes – either mobile phones or tablets. The A+ interface offers an extra feature to preview your Content in a mobile view and desktop view.


Which tools should I use to create A+ Content?

Amazon has designed a user-friendly interface to develop your A+ Content: you can create hassle-free Content without using HTML or any other designing software. You can create a mock-up design in any designing software such as Adobe XD, Balsamiq. It would be helpful before creating your final version within the A+ content manager interface.


What are the A+ Content modules?

Various modules available in the A+ content manager, all modules are slightly different from each other; it includes company logo, description, a combination of images and texts. From all these modules, you only need to:

  • Choose which aspects of the product you want to showcase.
  • Select the right module that fits your needs.
  • Design overall layout, fetching from a variety of modules to create an attractive design.


What are the Amazon Restrictions?

Amazon has set certain restrictions regarding the type of Content. The violations of the terms may lead to rejection of your submission. Avoid the following that includes, but not limited to:

  • Avoid referencing your company as a seller
  • Avoid quoting promotional references such as “free,” “Cheap,” etc.
  • Avoid using such language that directs customers to purchase such as “shop with us,” “buy now,” etc.
  • Avoid using shipping details that include “free shipping,” etc.
  • Avoid using copyright, registered trademark, or symbols anywhere in your text.
  • Avoid boastful comments such as “on sale now,” “hottest product,” etc.
  • Avoid watermarks on images or unreadable text.
  • Avoid such weblinks or language that direct customers to other sites inside or outside Amazon.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes, errors, misspellings.
  • Avoid repeating the same information.
  • Avoid unverified claims.
  • Avoid subjective language that is more prone to your own opinion.
  • Avoid using language that is spoken in the Amazon marketplaces.
  • Avoid submitting images without keywords.


Amazon has specific terms and policies regarding types of Content that may not be allowed, so review the following carefully. Not following these guidelines could result in violations and may lead to a rejection by our system:

What if I Don’t Have a Trademark?

Amazon A+ content is only for the brand registered sellers. If you have not registered your trademark yet, get it registered immediately. The whole process may take a few months to a year. If you are selling in the Amazon USA, go to USPTO or hire a professional agency or lawyer.


How to craft flamboyant A+ Content?

Each concept for each section: 

You should try making your every section specific & impactful. You can do this by allocating each section for a particular aspect of information. Putting everything together will land the customer into the information soup. It is more likely to reduce the chances of conversion.


Complementing image through the text:

You should add text that directly corresponds to the image next to or above it. In this way, both text and images complement each other and help the Content’s driving story.


Benefits-driven images: 

Customers don’t bother what product has, but they are more concerned about how it helps them. You should add images wherein you can reflect the usage and benefits of the product for the customer.


Use photos variation:

You shouldn’t use the same images you have used in your listing’s main slots. It is against Amazon Terms of Services. Besides, the customer will lose interest and skip your most-engaging section as he/she has already seen the images.


Create Content similar to a Website landing page

If you succeed in creating such an eye-catching layout, stuffed with images and text, you will probably grab the customers’ attention and drive them toward purchasing decisions. You can do this only if you can make your Content the same landing page. Learn about Fundamentals of Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC)


Same symmetry of fonts, colors, and graphics

Try sticking to the same font style, colors’ combination and graphics on your listing, brand logo, A+ Content, etc.


Key Takeaways:

– Never forget to read first the Amazon Terms of Services (ToS) regarding it.

– Remember: A+ Content will be available for those having Amazon Brand Registry.

– It offers visual and text features to create conspicuous product listings.

– Your Content should be stuffed with visual graphics, Images with slight text layover, and a video.


Let’s create your A+ Content!

A+ content service is a part of our A-Z Amazon Services. FBAPL is engaged with 50+ global brands to help them crafting creative, unique, and high-quality A+ Content.


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