Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Brand Registry in 2020
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Are you in an awkward situation where the third-party seller has changed your product content on the listings?

Do you experience counterfeit issues on your FBA Private Label account?

Have you noticed other sellers stick to your listings?

Did your sales decreased?


Don’t worry. We’ve all been there sometime.

Let’s bring you out from all this hassle once for all. Here is the simple guide to protecting your brand and grow your business in the Amazon world.

  • What is Amazon brand registry program?
  • What is Transparency by Amazon?
  • What is Amazon Project Zero?
  • What is the cost of registering for Amazon Brand Registry Program?
  • How Can Brand Registry Help You grow your Business?
  • How Can You Get The Right Trademark?
  • How to get registered For Amazon Brand Registry Program? (Step-By-Step guide)
  • How to Enable Brand Registry?
  • How to get Brand Registry for Global Marketplaces?
  • Bottom line

What is Amazon Brand Registry Program?

Amazon Brand Registry feature helps the sellers to prove their ownership of the brand. A feature distinct your product and protected by the Amazon.

Who can register their brand with Amazon?

A Seller who falls in the below three categories:

  1. Those sellers who are brand owners
  2. Those sellers who are manufacturer of the products and
  3. Resellers or distributors with written permission from the brand owner to sell their products on Amazon.

Amazon launched its Brand Registry program to help brand owners protecting their registered trademarks. Since its launching, Amazon is working to improve its services to help seller build their brand presence on Amazon and scale their business.

Amazon has recently beefed up this Program with extra protection tools that allow access to proprietary text and image search for the development of authentic and trusted customer experience. Together with Project Zero and Transparency by Amazon, sellers can protect their brands and products on the Amazon Marketplace. Learn about Amazon FBA PL – A Journey Towards Million Dollar Flip-Able Asset


What is Transparency by Amazon?

Wouldn’t it be great if I tell you transparency by Amazon optimize your listing to the unit-level?

Really: Transparency by Amazon is a product serialization service to bring protection at the ASIN-level. This service allows sellers to undertake item-level tracing at Amazon fulfillment centers.

Brands who enroll in the Transparency by Amazon service requires 12-digit UPC barcode that can also be linked with product information such as date of manufacture, location, product ingredients and more. The enrolled sellers get item-level tracing that checks individual products at Amazon fulfillment centers.


When a brand starts applying transparency codes on a product, Amazon starts looking for and scans within its fulfillment centers to ensure shipment of transparency code pasted products only. The products that cannot get clear from the transparency codes are investigated for counterfeits as per Amazon anti-counterfeiting policies.

It also allows the customer to authenticate the product through barcode no matter where the product is purchased either on Amazon, other e-commerce sites, or a physical retail location. Customers just need to scan transparency code through Amazon Shopping app or the Transparency app. If it will show a green checkmark, it means that product is valid and red checkmark (X) otherwise.

The Transparency codes are different from the conventional barcodes. Conventional barcodes only indicate a product GTIN, whereas Transparency codes contain detailed product information that includes manufacturing date, location, expiry date (if any), and material/ingredients used.


What is Amazon Project Zero?

Big News: Amazon Project Zero, powered by Amazon’s machine learning, has the capability to scan billions of listing daily and proactively remove the counterfeits products from the storefronts.

In this Program, the self-service tool allows brand owners to remove counterfeit listing themselves instead of contacting the customer support of Amazon. To get this service, Amazon asks the brands to provide logos, trademarks, and other data to scan listings and trace the counterfeit activity.




What is the Cost of Registering for Amazon Brand Registry Program?

Amazon Brand registry is free.

That’s right!

You only need to register your trademark first before getting enrolled in the Brand Registry Program. The cost for registering a trademark depends on the class of protection you are looking for and the country where the logo is being registered.


How Can Brand Registry Help You Grow your Business?

Brands selling on Amazon are rightfully striving to win customer loyalty through the protection of their reputation and integrity. Selling online is challenges when it comes to copyright infringement issues that drastically affect the sales and damage brand reputation.

Sounds familiar?

You may also deal with unscrupulous brands that steal brand logo, copy products, and sell poor-quality products at a low price. Unfortunately, it erodes customer trust in your brand. To counter such malpractices, enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry should be your topmost priority while selling on the Amazon.

And you know what?

Amazon Brand Registry serves you in many ways:


Representation / brand representation 

It is a fact that successful branding builds customer’s trust, wins its loyalty, and helps sell your products well. Amazon Brand Registry helps to represent your brand accurately through greater control over the Amazon product pages. The accurate brand representation increases the trust and loyalty of the customer on the brand.

You probably aware that successful branding increases customer loyalty, builds trust, and helps your products stand out to consumers. Amazon’s Brand Registry allows you greater control over Amazon product pages so that you can represent your brand accurately to consumers and start building that trust and loyalty.

Search & Report

Searching Amazon for unethical companies that copy your products, the brand identifies or logos are the past tales. Now, Amazon Brand Registry empowers the seller to search more seamlessly.

  • Global Search is a one-stop, one-screen feature for you to search for imposters.
  • Image Search will facilitate you sift through countless images and trace the ones who are imitating your logo and branding.
  • ASIN or URL search allows you to do a bulk search to find copycats, fast.

All these features are integrated with optimized reporting functions to report infringement cases effectively. It speeds up Amazon functionality to take action.


Brand Protection

Amazon asks for specific details related to your product, brand and catalog before registering into the Brand Registry Program. This information is used to weed out potential infringements.

For instance, Amazon has data about your logo and products selling by your brand.

They will immediately trace the unscrupulous sellers use your logo, flag products that are ostensibly yours but shipped from the countries where you don’t sell. The compendium of features works to crack down on infringements and catch the unethical companies or sellers.


Global 24/7 Support

Amazon promises for providing global customer support for brands available 24/7.


How Can You Get The Right Trademark?

Trademark is the fundamental prerequisite to apply for Amazon Brand Registry Program. The procedure for trademark registration varies with regard to the country you apply for trademark registration. For the US, USPTO is the official website where you can register your trademark. The procedure requires legal expertise. Therefore, you may hire an attorney or engage online trademark registration service provides such as LegalZoom or Trademarkia to file your application. They would charge you a few hundred bucks.


How to get registered For Amazon Brand Registry Program? (Step-By-Step guide)

To get started, one has to have an account in the Amazon Seller Central. Once that is done, go to their official Brand Registry Portal and follow the steps written below.

To get yourself registered in the Amazon brand registry program, you have to have an account in the Amazon Seller Central. After that, you will go to their official brand registry portal and follow the steps explained below:


Step 1: Create A Registry Account

For sign up and verification, the Brand Registry account, the following information has to be provided:

  • Provide legal or corporate information of your business
  • Verify the information given above through text/SMS
  • Acceptance of Amazon’s terms and conditions for brand registration.
  • Lastly, clicking the “Save” Button.


To sign up and verify a Brand Registry account, one has to do the following:

  • Give legal/corporate information of your brand
  • verify your brand through identity via text/SMS
  • Accept Amazon’s terms, policies, and conditions
  • Finally, click on the “save“ button

Step 2: Enrollment of the brand in Amazon Brand Registry

After successful verification of the account, brand enrollment is the next step. It covers four core requirements:



In this section, you will ask to provide the name of your brand to be registered, details of the brand logo, and the brand names to be enrolled. After filling all this information, click on the “Next” button. 



This page asks for providing the details regarding the type of brand, registering office, registration or serial number, and trademark name. Once this information has filled, click on the “Next” button. 



This section asks explicitly for uploading the images of your product, brand logo(s), packaging snaps, and evidence of your brand online presence such as brand website and social media pages. After providing these details, click on the “next” button.


CHARACTERISTICS: This page seeks information about seller central account information of the brand owner, vender account details, EANs, UPCs, manufacturing details, location of manufacture and details of the countries where products sell. After giving all this information, click on the “submit application” button.

Step 3: Verification process of Amazon

After submission of the application, the validation process will be started by the Amazon. It takes 2 to 10 days for the necessary verifications before activating the brand registry feature. The verification process involves sending a verification code to the registered trademark office.

This office requires forwarding this code to the seller. Once the seller receives the code, he has to login into his Amazon Seller central account. Enter the case ID generated by Amazon for the case in process and hit the GO BUTTON. Selecting respond or view button, and reply it with paste the code and press SEND. If the code enters successfully, the process will be completed within 1-2 working days.

Yeah! It’s easier than you think.


How to Enable Brand Registry?

Completing all the above steps does not mean that you achieve brand registry. You may still require activating it for your products. It happens when you signed up for the brand registry and choose brand activation methods such as Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), UPC Code, or Catalog Number.

You can check this by going to Report > Business Reports > Brand Performance. ASINs already listed here are actively enrolled. If you see any of all of your products are not listed, you have to do the partial update through Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), UPC Code, or Catalog Number. It can quickly be done through activating Category Listing Report, download for the category your brand is listed. Take partial update using flat-file template.


How to get Brand Registry for Global Marketplaces?

If your brand is approved for the Brand Registry in your primary country, the same brand name is claimed for all other marketplaces where you sell. You have to follow a simple process through Brand Registry Support and updating your brand profile through Add additional trademarks tab. 


Bottom line:

Amazon Brand Registry Program offers compendium features that help you grow your business, gain customer loyalty, and development of brand reputation. Under Amazon Brand Registry Program, Transparency by Amazon features ensure ASIN-level protection of your listing and weed out suspected sellers. And, Amazon Zero Point feature allows you to remove unscrupulous sellers on your brand listings. Sellers who own FBA Private Label listing should consider Amazon Brand Registry as a top priority to scale your business.

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